Bringing the simplicity of e-commerce to you
Shinzo Corporation brings the simplicity of e-commerce to you.

Our founder, Hernan Furuhashi, saw foreign companies struggling to create a footing in the United States market. After assisting various companies establish markets in the United States, he figured why stop there? If he was able to help companies outside the United States gain footing in the states, why not do the same for companies in the United States willing to expand their markets worldwide? Using various strategies focusing on e-commerce sales and marketing, he was able to help companies establish a reputable brand and increase sales to foreign markets. Whether your company is just looking for e-commerce consulting or an entire overhaul of your e-commerce services, Shinzo Corporation can offer you the help your company needs for future success. After realizing the demand for companies to expand their markets was growing, he brought on two business partners. Xavier Usami was born in Yokohama, Japan, is able to communicate in Japanese and English. Alberto Meza is a United States native with the ability to communicate in Spanish and English.